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Dr. Rakhi Sharma  is a renowned entrepreneurship educator, a facilitator, a mentor, winner of many awards, and an educationalist with 17 years of experience in her field, making her a dignitary in the world of entrepreneurs.
She’s completed her training in ‘Tools For Successful Business Incubation’ from IIT Bombay, and is a certified Entrepreneurship Educator from Stanford Technology Venture Program & NEN 

Having pursued her PhD in ‘Venture Capital Management’ from University of Pune, she’s been nurturing the entrepreneurial ecosystem by guiding and mentoring entrepreneurs and students alike, in her capacity as a mentor and an advisory board member for startups.
Currently, Dr. Sharma is associated with Jai Hind College as the HoD of ‘Bachelor Of Management Studies’ 





‘Talaash’, known to be the benchmark amongst all BMS fests in the city, is one of the biggest management festival organised by the BMS department of Jai Hind College. The eighteen year old jamboree is a contrivance of Bachelor of Management students. As the the HoD of the BMS department, Dr. Sharma has been a driving supporting force for the students, helping them incorporate the festival to become the raging success as it is today. 


Jai Hind Enactus


Enactus is an international non-profit organization that works towards mobilizing university students to make a difference in their communities while developing the skills to become socially responsible business leaders. Enactus partners with leaders in business and the higher education space and leverages the power networking model to provide a robust platform that encourages social entrepreneurship. Under the guidance of Dr. Rakhi Sharma, Jai Hind College has become a member of Enactus in February 2015. 


Entrepreneurship Summit


JaiHind E-Summit is an open networking hub and an opportunity for promising entrepreneurs, business professionals, corporates and venture capitalists. E-Summit as a platform has managed to gather some of the biggest industry moguls and business tycoons for its events. This year, names such as, the renowned mentor and angel investor Ajeet Khurana, famous chef and author Pooja Dhingra, Business Thought Leader Mr. Peshwa Acharya, Owner Of TBK Mr. Munaf Kapadia, Founder & CEO of ‘WATConsult’ Rajiv Dhingra, amongst a few, had honoured the E-Summit team. 

Refer: https://jaihindesummit.com 


Case Study Cohort

The Case Study Cohort sessions focus specifically on training students to adapt a business mindset and focus on solving actual current-affairs business cases analytically. Mentors, faculty and corporate specialists from the industry are brought in for sessions to impart their knowledge, making it a hands on environment for well-rounded business discussion. A team from JaiHind College, under the guidance of Dr. Rakhi Sharma reached the quarter finals to become a Top 16 team in the world amidst competition from the best universities in Asia-Pacific. 

Refer: http://jaihindcasestudycohort.com 

Placement Cell of Jai Hind College


Placement cell plays the very important function of counselling and guiding the students of the college for their successful career placement - it’s an essential interface between academic completion and entry into the industry. Dr Rakhi Sharma has been actively involved in the Placement cell, right from helping out with idea generation to using her vast network, she’s been consistency participating and helping students get into the top most desired companies such as KPMG, JLL, Oberoi Group etc. 


TEDx Jai Hind College


TEDx was created in the spirit of TED’s mission,“ideas worth spreading”. TEDx Jai Hind facilitates a platform where students, alumni, teachers, artists, innovators, entrepreneurs, change-makers help each other put ideas into action and motivate others with their wise insights. Dr. Sharma acts as the college faculty advisor for TEDx Jai Hind incorporated programs. 

Investment Club

Alumni Association of Jai Hind College

Alumni Association of Jai Hind College

The Investment Club is an educative initiative taken by the third year BMS students of Jai Hind college. True to its name, it cultivates knowledge and analytical skills amongst its members, while also elaborating them on the know how of a venture before helping them invest in it. It stands as a perfect exemplar of JaiHind’s core values - that is to impart the skills and knowledge to its students, ingraining and moulding them to become the biggest entrepreneurs of the nation. 

Alumni Association of Jai Hind College

Alumni Association of Jai Hind College

Alumni Association of Jai Hind College


Alumni association plays an essential and intricate role of connecting, creating and managing the esteemed alumni of Jai Hind College. The purpose of this association is to foster a spirit of loyalty and, connecting and building a network. It essays an important function in making efficient use of this network in order to give optimum benefit to the alumni, students and the college. 

E-Cell of Jai Hind College

Alumni Association of Jai Hind College

E-Cell of Jai Hind College


E-Cell is a committee that promotes entrepreneurship, change and innovation in entirety. The Entrepreneurship Cell of Jai Hind College aims and encourages Entrepreneurial growth and development in campus. They hope to impart knowledge and skills to help out students to get more familiar with the “Entrepreneur Style of Working”. Dignitaries such as Miss. Revathi Roy, Prof. Amit Tripathi, Mr. Shriyans Bhandari, and Mr. Yash Chandiramani, were amongst few to show their love and support for this entrepreneurial cause. 



*Conducted a three day workshop on ‘NEN Entrepreneur Educator Program WF101’ held by Wadhwani Foundation, as a master trainer mentoring the faculty of 

●  Various Engineering and Management colleges in Pune, January 2016

●  Various Engineering and Management colleges in Indore, July 2016

●  Various Engineering and Management colleges in Indore, December 2016

●  Jaipura Institute Of Management
*Received recognition from Prestige Institute Of Management for conducting an orientation on ‘Entrepreneurship Educator Program’ at their university.
*Trained the students of St. Francis Institute Of Technology, Mumbai by holding a workshop on Business Planning.
*Dr. Sharma has also been a panelist at the Indo-American Society for sessions on Career Guidance to help enable the welfare of students.
*Conducted two days workshops for E-leaders Of various management and engineering colleges affiliated with University of Mumbai
*Invited to conduct a session on ‘FDP in Entrepreneurship’ by Entrepreneurship Development Institute Of India (EDII)-Ahmedabad, in association with MIT Group Of Institute.
*Conducted sessions on Digital Marketing at SNDT University, 2017
*Conducted various Entrepreneurship courses - at basic and advanced levels for students and entrepreneurs in institutions like

●  Jai Hind College

●  St Xavier’s College

●  Indian Merchants Chamber

●  Jamnalal Bajaj Institute Of Management Studies

●  Aditya Birla World Academy
*Judged various business plans in institutions such as

●  BITS Pilani

●  National Entrepreneurship Challenge, hosted by IIT Bombay

●  IIT Kanpur

●  Think Rise (Barclays)

●  K.J. Somaiya Institute Of Management

●  ‘Pitch It’ competition hosted by St. Xavier’s College

●  ‘Give Wings To Your Idea’, conducted by Rise Mumbai in association with               Wadhwani

Foundation and BIAP.
*Conducted a training session for students of Indira School Of Business, Pune and ITM Business School, Kharghar, imparting knowledge on topics such as

●  Idea Generation Techniques

●  Idea Evaluation

●  Business Models

●  Brainstorming

●  Plan Bs

Endorsements by Entreprenurs JHC

What Industrialist’s/Business Leaders have to say?


Mr Subhash Dandekar

Chairman Emeritus

Kokuyo Camlin


Rakhi Sharma has successfully conducted seminars on entrepreneurship for college students. She has initiative, passion knowledge and expertise to develop skill amongst young students. She has conducted many seminars by involving participation of successful industrialists to share their case studies. I have no doubt that her website will inspire and guide future Entrepreneurs. 

What Entrepreneur’s have to say?

1-  Diveek M. Jain - Managing Partner, Swole O’clock India 

As an entrepreneur trying to find his way, plenty of my ideas have taken shape, dissipated and replaced with newer, more market-ready ideas and a couple of them have seen reasonable success. A large portion of that personal and professional growth has been fuelled by the opportunities and tutelage afforded to me by Dr Sharma. 

2- Yash Chandiramani – Founder, Admatazz

A big part of my modest success as an Entrepreneur is owed to Dr Rakhi Sharma. As a strategic investor and Tech Entrepreneur myself, I believe the early years, especially for someone shuffling between college and business is extremely important for an Entrepreneur as it can either lead to complete pandemonium or instil a certain discipline that lasts for life. 

Dr Rakhi was responsible in instilling that discipline in me in terms of work, punctuality, balance of studies and business and determining my goals periodically.

3- Vibhav Parikh – Founder, Fox Counsel

Rakhi Sharma has been a guide and a close advisor for the last many years to Fox Counsel. She has helped explore and developed business opportunities in Fox. Rakhi has played a pivotal role in understanding and anticipating trends specifically in the education, technology, and financial services sectors. She has leveraged her extensive global network to make Fox Counsel a global calling. Her hawk-eye guidance has certainly given Fox the edge. Her approach is patient, pragmatic and inclusive to understand complex issues and divergent interests. This has helped us to arrive at solutions on varying issues and build a comprehensive business model. 

4- Shriyans Bhandari - CEO Greensole & Director Heritage Girls School

Mrs. Rakhi Sharma as co-ordinator of the BMS program at Jai Hind College has taken immense steps to promote entrepreneurship in college, some of her initiatives include B-plan competition for Jai Hind students, E-summit, Case Study Competition and various brainstorming sessions to generate and work on fresh ideas.While I was at college in 2012 and her student, she advised me to apply for the EDDI Innovators Award and we got selected as among top 30 innovators in India for Greensole, a social venture refurbishing discarded shoes to slippers for donation and retail. This was a turning point in our journey from when the project got converted to a start-up.She has also greatly contributed to spreading a word about Greensole, in sharing her ideas to grow the venture and helping us connect to the right people to take the venture forward.Jai Hind BMS program is entirely because of her and she has helped many more Jai Hind start-ups like Greensole in their journey in a significant way. 5) Viraj Singal - Founder, BIAPWe cant thank you enough for all your support, guidance and your hand holding in our humble venture it could not have been possible without you.Now we realize the importance of entrepreneurial training and mentoring which you provided us. Your questions like Who is your target audience?  What Problem are you solving? What does your customer want? are still guiding questions whenever we are in doubts to take up a new project we brainstorm on these questions.


6) Trinath Siram – Founder, Project Network

Ideas kept coming up in the middle of lectures and I went and shared them with Dr.Rakhi Sharma who shaped the ideas and helped me achieve better in life. The one final idea struck and today I am the Co-Founder of Project Network India, a networking platform for various entrepreneurs in our country. Throughout BMS, we had been given so much training, today it just seems a little easier. It's been a year at Project Network and with the guidance of my mentor, Dr.Rakhi, it seems like a smoother process now. At my venture, I see a bright future ahead

7) Tilak Shah – Entrepreneur

The quintessential factor to know about entrepreneurship is that there is no one correct way. You have to improvise, adapt and overcome with whatever comes your way. To be able to do so one needs to be extremely flexible in their thought process. I've been very fortunate to have had a mentor in Dr. Rakhi Sharma. She has enabled me develop a thought process with so much guidance, yet allowing it to sway in freedom. 

8) Sudhir Sewani- Founder CLODOOR

Being a new guy in this big city of Mumbai was extremely tough in the first year and that is the time when a person needs that proper guidance which will decide his/her career in the next 3 years of graduation. For me that guidance was provided by my coordinator Dr. Rakhi Sharma. In the transformation of a non confident boy to an entrepreneur and the transformation of a vaguely put business plan to a registered brand now, there are a few people involved and a very important role is played by my course coordinator Dr. Rakhi Sharma. 

9) Aneesh Jumani – Founder, Ohh Trucck

If only words could describe how this journey has been, I'd never end.

To the most supportive & understanding Guru- Dr. Rakhi Sharma.

Out of utmost modesty & humility, 'Ohh Trucck' as a startup venture is established amongst masses due to Professor Rakhi Sharma's instrumental involvement, wisdom & experience which is applaudable!

Following are a few lessons that I recollect from the course Professor Rakhi Sharma undertook:

  • She has taught us how to strategically utilise every resource available.
  • I yet fondly remember how she explained the difference between a team player & a solo chaser and how the former is a better option to go for.
  • Surpassing our bounds & defeating our inner fear of risks & uncertainties is a major lesson she provided.
  • In times of confusion, she has taught us how to salvage and tackle obstacles.
  • There is nothing existing that's impossible to achieve. 
  • She not only imparted knowledge, but also explained the value of ethical functioning.
  • According to her, ethics is directly proportional to success.
  • She has been there in moments of grief and dismay. With her blessings, all our future endeavours are taken care of.

10) Upamanyu Acharya – Founder, Fynestuff

Dr. Rakhi Sharma has always been an integral personality in helping shape both my business Fynestuff, and my character. Her passion for helping budding entrepreneurs manifested itself when I headed the first ever Jai Hind College Entrepreneurship Summit. Her constant support towards her students, helping bridge the gap between academic education and industry interaction, culminated in a very successful Entrepreneurship Summit, the legacy of which will surely continue to be felt in the undergraduate entrepreneurship community. She was also our coach at the HSBC/HKU Business Case competition - her support helped our team win the India round and advance to the world top 16 during the finals in Hong Kong, competing against prestigious international universities from over 30 countries. Even in Hong Kong she helped us network and build meaningful connections. We were only able to do this because of her practical educational approach over and above the prescribed syllabus, helping us solve business case studies for application based learning. Her passion for entrepreneurship gave me a platform to take part in the Start Your Venture competition she organised, where I was able to present Fynestuff directly to angel investors and industry experts. Coming 2nd in this competition gave me valuable feedback and insights which I have since utilised to shape Fynestuff into a cash-flow positive online platform. There are numerous other networking opportunities, seminars, debates, industry interactions and competitions which she spearheaded that were extremely valuable. I would be happy to say that Dr. Rakhi Sharma always goes over and above in helping not just me, but everyone I know who has interacted with her, in building a practical, meaningful approach towards entrepreneurship.



*Educational Certification and Trainings 

●  Perfected the Entrepreneurship Educator course conducted by Stanford Technology Ventures
Program & National Entrepreneurship Program

●  Went for the Faculty Development program, regarding ‘Essentials to Understand and Develop
Social Entrepreneurship’ at Infosys, Chandigarh, in Oct 2016

●  Completed a course on the advanced knowledge of ‘Tools for Successful Business Incubation’ in
the year 2010, which was supported by Department Of Science and Technology, NSTEDB &
National Entrepreneurship Network.

●  Completed Mentoring Skills post School Program in the year 2014

●  Completed a five day workshop on ‘Case Teaching and Case Study Writing’ conducted by Ivey
Business School & ISB at IIT Bombay

●  Assigned for the role of Faculty Assessment Of Facilitators under Pradhan Mantri Yuva Yojana
for the empaneled projects under Yuva Udyamita Vikas Abhiyaan, NEISBUD

●  Faculty advisor to the team representing India at the Hong Kong University/HSBC Case Study
Competition 2017 in Hong Kong

●  Master trainer of Wadhwani Foundation’s Entrepreneurship Educator Program.

●  Has been training faculty from various institutes of Maharashtra, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh.

●  Has presented and published research papers at many national and international conferences.
*Awards and Recognition

●  Has been facilitated with the ‘Leadership Award’ by Mahindra Rise and Enactus India for
creating significant impact in personal and professional growth and development of the students.

●  Nominated for the ‘Faculty of the Decade’ award by NEN.